Immigrant Soldier: The American Journey of Albert J. Heim

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Spotswood High School History Club Visit With Mr. Heim

As I stated in the intro, in the last years of Albert Heim's life The Spotswood High School History Club formed a bond with the elderly First World War Veteran.  We would keep in touch by mail and phone, and send him cards and little gifts.  I would also bring History Club students by to visit with him, which he really loved.  Indeed,  on those occasions when I would stop by on my own his first question would be,"where are the kids today"?  I think Mr. Heim himself best put into words what this interaction with these students meant to him.  In a letter to the Spotswood High School History Club not long before his passing, Albert Heim Wrote: "After so many years, it seems like ones involvement in the First World War is all but forgotten.  You young people have made me feel appreciated again".

On a notion, I brought my video camera along on one of my visits with the students.  This visit was but a few months before his passing.
Frank Yusko